Zion's Museum

The Shiloh House, residence of Zion’s founder, Dr. John Alexander Dowie, serves as Zion’s museum. Many of Dr. Dowie’s personal belongings are on display in the house. Furniture, original light fixtures, and area rugs that were sold during the bankruptcy were donated back to the Zion Historical Society when area residents learned that the house was being restored. Examples of items on display in the house are:

  • Dr. Dowie’s traveling writing desk with leather case
  • Dr. Dowie’s roll-top desk from his Chicago office
  • Silver spade used by Dr. Dowie and Overseer Voliva at various groundbreaking ceremonies
  • Trowel used by Dr. Dowie in the cornerstore laying
  • Volumes of the “Leaves of Healing”, “The Coming City”, “The Zion Herald”, “The Zion City News”, “The Battleaxe” and the writings of
    Dr. Dowie and Overseer Voliva
  • Samples of lace and tools from the Zion Lace Factory
  • Dress worn by Mrs. John (Jane) Dowie
    A large collection of photographs
  • A collection of “living” photographs taken by Arthur Mole
  • A wedding certificate signed by Dr. Dowie
  • Mementos of the Zion Radio Station
  • Dr. Dowie’s pulpit chair and eagle lecturn
  • Mottoes made of Dr. Dowie’s hair by his barber,
    Leon P. Federmeyer
  • Zion banners
  • Mrs. Dowie’s crystal rose vase
  • Pieces of Mrs. Dowie’s china
  • Mementos of Miss Ellen Lloyd, Zion’s midwife
  • Mementos from the Zion Industries
  • A large collection of sports scrapbooks compiled by Dan Loblaw
  • Leg braces no longer needed by those healed by Dr. Dowie
The Shiloh House is open to the public year-round
Monday - Friday from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. 
and also by appointment. 

To make an appointment, call Lorna at 847-746-2427.

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