Shiloh House
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Shiloh House - Dowie Home
Dowie House in Zion - Esther Dowie's Bedroom

A guest room on the third floor is dedicated to Zion lace. The room is adorned with samples of lace woven at the Zion Lace Factory. Photos of early workers in the lace mills and their tools are on display in this fascinating room.

Dowie House in Zion - Lace Room

Upon Dr. Dowie’s death in 1907, the family learned that the estate was bankrupt. The house and furnishings were sold. The house was a rental unit for a short time, then in 1910, a wealthy lady from Philadelphia purchased the house and resided there until her death in 1942. The Great Lakes Bible Institute took possession of the house for use as a school and dormitory until 1954. The house was purchased by loyal friends of Dr. Dowie. It was used as a residence for Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Huntley, a small chapel, library, and a print shop where

Dowie House in Zion - Family Parlor

Mr. Huntley printed copies of Dr. Dowie’s sermons and articles. Mr. Huntley died in 1967 and the house was up for sale again. Mr. Wesley Ashland, a Zion jeweler, made arrangements to purchase the house for $18,500 for the purpose of restoring it and organizing the Zion Historical Society.

Today, the Shiloh House has been restored to the splendor of the Victorian era and its original glory after years of appreciative labor. The first floor is frequently rented for quaint special occasions. Not only does the house stand as a silent monument to Dr. John Alexander Dowie, it also serves as the headquarters for the Zion Historical Society and as Zion’s historical museum.

Dowie House in Zion - Dr. Dowie's Office

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